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10 October 2015 - We can now supply Log Stores

Keep your logs dry and free from rot. They will light more easily and smoke less.

We an supply you with a log store and install it if you wish.

Just give us a call and we will help you choose a store that is right for you, and give you a cost estimate without obligation.

6 October 2014 - NEW - Supporting your Wedding Requirements

We can now supply your needs for weddings and other gatherings ...

  • Potted plant, shrubs and planters
  • A visiting Chimney Sweep
  • The swirling sound of bagpipes

Just give us a call and let us know exactly what we could do for you.

1 October 2014 - Log Sheds

Winter approaching. Now is the time to get your logs delivered, but what about keeping them dry and ready for the fire?

We can now supply excellent log sheds that keep yor log stack off the ground and sheltered.

11 September 2014 - Patio & Special Occasion Planters

If you need some planters potted up ready to display on your patio or at that special occasion we are now able to supply them.

Call us to discuss just what you need.