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Know your Wood

We always supply the best seasoned hardwood. We use:

Ash - Arguably the best firewood in UK providing plenty or heat and flame that lasts (will also burn very well). Easy to saw and split.

Beech - Good when well-seasoned, it may shoot embers out a long way. Easy to split.

Sycamore - Burns with a good flame. With moderate heat. Lovely to split when green.

Oak - Regarded as one of the best in UK. Oak is excellent. Burning slowly with a good heat.

You may also be interested in how other woods perform as fuel

Alder - Poor heat output short lasting. A low quality firewood

Apple - It is easier to cut when green but absolutely terrible to burn if not seasoned properly. When seasoned its burns slowly and little flame but good heat. The scent is also pleasing

Birch - Good heat and a bright flame, burns quickly. It will burn unseasoned. Can cause gum deposits in chimney if used a lot. Its thin sheet of bark makes a good fire starter and can be peeled from tree without damaging them.

Blackthorn - Burns slowly. With lots of heat and little smoke.

Cedar - This is an aromatic wood that puts out a lot of heat but it produces a small flame. Great splitting wood.

Cherry - Burns slowly with good heat and a pleasant smell. Slow to start

Cypress - Burns well but fast when seasoned. And may spit as kindling.

Douglas - A poor fuel that produces little flame or heat

Elder - A mediocre fuel that burns quickly without much heat output and tends to have thick acid smoke.

Elm - High water content (140%) that may smoke violently and should be dried for two years for best results. You may need a faster burning wood to get Elm going but once burning, it will burn for hours. Spitting can be diffusing and should be done early on.

Eucalyptus - A fast burning wood a pleasant smell and no spitting. The stringy wood fiber can be hard to split and one option is to slice it into rings and allow to season and self-split.

Hawthorn - Very good. Burns slowly but with good heat.

Hazel - Very good. Tends to burn up a bit faster than most other hard woods.

Holly - A good firewood that will burn when green. But best if dried a year it is fast burning with a bright flame good when seasoned.

Hornbeam - Burns almost as good as beech with a hot, slow burning fire. It is easy to spilt.

Horse Chestnut - Widely regard as poor firewood. If seasoned long enough it will produce good flame and heating power but spits a lot.

Laburnum - Terrible firewood with acrid smoke. Best to steer clear of it.

Larch - Fairly good for heat but crackles and spits and forms an oily soot in chimneys.

Laurel - Produces a brilliant flame.

Leyland Cypress - Burns well with a bright flame but crackles and spits. It must be seasoned well and is another that leaves an oily soot in the chimney. Smells great and its resinous wood makes great kindling. Best used on an outdoor fire.

Lilac - Thinner branches make good kindling, whilst the thicker burn well with a clear and a very pleasant smell.

Lime - A poor quality fuel with dull flame

Maple - A good all-rounder.

Pear - It is easier to cut when green but no good to burn when green. Pear burns slowly and steadily with little flame but good heat. The scent is also pleasing.

Pine kindling wood - Burns well with bright flame but crackles and spits. Needs to be seasoned well and is another wood that gives off any oily soot in the chimney. Smells great and with its resin makes great kindling wood. Best on an outdoor fire.

Plane (London Plane) - Burns pleasantly. But is likely to throw sparks.

Plum - Provides good heat with a nice aromatic scent.

Poplar - Widely considered one of the worst firewood in the UK. It will burn but needs to be seasoned for at least two years. It burns very slowly with little heat which is why poplar is used to make matchsticks.

Rowan - A good firewood that burns hot and slow.

Rhododendron - Burns well with a bright flame.

Robinia (Acacia) - Burns slowly. With good heat. But with acid smoke

Spruce - A poor firewood that burns too quickly and with too many sparks.

Sweet Chestnut - Burns when seasoned but tends to spit excessively.

Walnut - Mediocre firewood but has an aromatic scent.

Wellingtonia (Giant Sequoia) - Poor for use as firewood.

Willow - Widely considered as poor firewood. Although some consider it contributes if mixed with other species.